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Production Factory

CNRWOOD Reliable Service

CNRWOODA company that has knowledge in wood, international business experience and discipline, fulfills the requirements of the relevant standards, technical specifications, legal and administrative quality regulations, and fully responds to customer expectations by providing environmentally friendly service.


  • Creative Solutions
    We are with you for solutions that suit your needs.
  • Fast Shipping
    Parallel solutions for our high volume productions.
  • Nature Friendly
    We plant new saplings in place of every product used.

CNRWOOD Projects

CNRWOOD Planları

Door Stile

 Finger Joint (Attached) and Solid (without) Door Stile

The door frame is generally used to create frames that strengthen the door leaves.

The doorframe, which is offered as a height extension or solid panels, can also be produced in special dimensions according to the needs.

fingerjoint kapı sereni

Wooden Packaging

It covers products such as all kinds of wooden pallets, crates, OSB crates and crates, plywood crates and crates.

Tüm ahşap ambalaj ürünlerimizin kendi üretimimiz olup  olup, müşterilerimizin taleplerine göre özel olarak üretilmektedir.

Tüttü (Practical Wooden Stove)

The one and only in Turkey    Our patented product 'Tüttü' is designed to be practical, portable and suitable for long burning.

There are models and apparatus according to the burning time.

Ukraine Timber Production

Since we do not compromise on customer satisfaction (quality, delivery, price, etc.), it was decided to invest in Ukraine in 2013 and a log processing plant was established. In our factory, which is established on an area of 20,000 m², we supply raw materials with an annual 25,000 m³ log cutting line, and timber sales have also started.

The construction and oven timbers that we have imported are sold as Pine/Spruce.


Laminated Beam

- Laminated Finger Joint

Laminated wood is created by gluing and joining individual wooden plates of different sizes under controlled industrial conditions and with special binders.

Home Construction Market Products

  • Plywood (with/without film)
  • OSB
  • Hardboard
  • MDF
  • Plywood
  • Paneling
  • Plinth
  • Forehead Board
  • Deck Board

Quality Creates Awareness!

CNRWOOD It is not a fast-acting drug like penicillin, but a slow and regular herbal medicine that heals all the veins of the company in a long time.

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