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Hangi ahşap ambalaj malzemeleri ISIL işlemi ve ISPM 15 işaretleme gerektirmez?

2024 Apr 032 mins read

6 mm veya daha ince ahşap malzemeden yapılan ambalajlar

Properties of Trees

2024 Feb 198 mins read

Each tree has its own unique color, with the heartwood usually being darker than the sapwood.

The Difference Between Core Wood and False Wood

2024 Feb 193 mins read

Core wood is the darkening of a specific part around the core due to physiological changes.

What Is The Fastest Growing Tree

2024 Feb 193 mins read

The Paulownia Tree: Fast Growth and Quality Timber

What Are The Technical Properties Of The Tree

2024 Feb 191 mins read

The tree consists of fibrous cells parallel to its length.

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